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California health plans are harnessing the power of technology to ensure individuals and families are covered, offering the benefits that matter most to people at every stage in life. Many health plans go above and beyond the basics, revolutionizing through technology how Californians access their health plans. This extra step offers additional benefits, more choices and added convenience to improve the member experience.

Health Care at Your Fingertips

More than 70 percent of Americans own a smartphone and the average American checks their phone 70+ times a day. Health plans are recognizing the benefits of bringing health care to your fingertips and some have launched comprehensive apps to do just that.

Source: Deloitte: Global mobile consumer survey: US edition

Health Care Anytime, Anywhere

Leveraging technology, health plans are giving Californians access to health care anytime, anywhere.

A recent study found that almost 75% of all doctor, urgent care, and ER visits are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video.

For example, some health plans are connecting their members with providers through technology to:

  • Make seeing a doctor available 24/7 via a mobile device
  • Diagnose many commonly treated conditions through a phone/computer
  • Write prescriptions, if needed
  • Communicate with a doctor via e-mail or messaging

This technology is helping to reduce unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office and may play a key role in keeping people healthier by limiting exposure to contagions.

Health Care How You Need It

Health plans are working to make it easier for Californians to access and benefit from their health coverage. Foundational digital services like these are helping personalize and further improve access to health care for everyone.


Health Care at Your Door

At least one California health plan is experimenting with the concept of bringing its members the health care services they need—right to their front door. By offering on-demand services, a health plan can provide its members with in-person access to a health care provider, whether they are stuck at home with a cold, can’t get to the doctor during the workday or can’t be exposed to potentially contagious environments.

As technology advances, California’s health plans continue to stay at the forefront of innovation, finding new ways to provide their members with high-quality care.